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7 Reasons Why A Couple Needs A Trekking Date

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By:  Shubhi Gupta

Finding love is not a difficult task because the digital platform is opening up various avenues for love and dating, but living love is probably the most difficult task. Why? Well, when two different minds come together, it can be hard to love with all those conflicting ideas, differences, and different interests, but with understanding and clarity, the love and romantic life can be beautiful.

Beyond the conventional dating idea:

So, what is the idea of ideal dating? Is it a romantic candlelight dinner, a casual bike ride, a long drive, or is it spending a few hours in a lovely coffee shop or food joint? Well, all these are quite common and ineffective ideas of dating because that does not reveal too much about each other; In fact, couples become defensive on a date.

Is there a better way of dating? Yes, there is, why not going for Aconcagua expedition for dating? Does it sound a little weird? The below mentioned are a few reasons that make mountain climbing a great dating experience.

  1. Being pragmatic: Do you realize that on a typical romantic date you struggle to carry out the conversation, but if you go trekking, you will have a number of things to talk about that include planning, preparation, training, and a lot more. Yes, it gives you the practical experience of living and doing things together. Ultimately, you will be doing it if you happen to fall for each other for the rest of your life. So, why not begin with it?
  1. Exploration of the character: Life is a challenge. Every moment it throws you challenges and on Trekking, you are going to discover your partner’s response skills. Yes, the trekking offers you enough challenges where both can stand for each other, give a helping hand. It also shows the toughness of the mind.

You cannot have this luxury of challenges in typical on a coffee shop date unless some celestial or alien attack takes place in the midtown as it happens in all the Hollywood superhero movies.

  1. It is fun: besides all these soul-searching activities, it also has a fun side to it. It feels beautiful to camp in a group while sipping coffee; you can listen to the song of nature and whispering winds. A subtle sense of fun is always there in a trekking adventure.
  1. Feeling the silence of love: During the trekking, you are going to face daunting challenges where the mind will stop chattering because the challenges need an immediate response and in that silence, you can look into the souls of each other. Well, it might sound like an esoteric idea but you cannot experience it unless you go on a trekking date.
  1. Conquering the fear of loneliness: people fall in love because they are afraid of loneliness. Yes, it is an escape from that overwhelming fear. But here on a trekking date, you are going to encounter the lonesomeness of nature together and in the moment of aloneness, you may stumble upon the real love that is beyond the fear of solitude. Go beyond the word and explore the real love.
  1. Romanticism: While on a date, your first preference and your deepest longing is to be romantic, right? And there is no better place than nature where wind whispers, birds tweet, snow talks, and the trees move rhythmically. Amidst nature, you are going to discover the true meaning of the romance that is beyond the goodnight kisses and hugs.

  1. Problem-solving skills: while on a Trekking Trip, you are going to face a lot of problems and at this moment, you both need to exercise your problem-solving skills to overcome the adverse situation. And this particular facet will help you to understand each other’s strengths which will help you in life further.

The final words for the lovers:

Well, it is a great idea to go on trekking to Aconcagua, but you should always take the safest route and that is the Aconcaguapolish route. Avoid the Polish Glacier route; in fact, that route is difficult and it is only meant for heavily trained and accomplished climbers.

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Last Updated: July 9, 2021

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