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Travel Places India started in 2014 and was produced to educate, motivate our readers towards Travel Places in India. We always put our best researches on Travel and gives you useful web content. We also expect the same from our writers because we do not want to give any wrong information to our readers and visitors.

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Travel Places India is accepting Guest Blogs Posts.

You can write for #TravelPlacesIndia and Share your real-life experiences, original news stories and blogs with us. We accept travel news, Travel Stories, Travel Places which you have visited, Travel Blogs, Travel Places, Travel Experiences, Travel Tips, Travel Tricks and other recently and other related write ups that keeps our readers glued and updated. Article publishing will be depending on how interesting and informative it is and how it will be useful for our readers at TravelPlacesIndia.in

We constantly welcome having brand-new authors join our contributor swimming pool. They need to have a strong wish to produce high quality material with actionable suggestions that readers can use in their own tasks.

Writing on Travel Places India aimed at bringing all backgrounds with each other.

Our Submission Guidelines Accept the Blogs on Following Categories:

  • Travel Blogs
  • Travel Stories
  • Travel Places
  • Travel Stories
  • Adventure Travel
  • Food Travel
  • Travel Tips
  • Budget Travel

How can you become a Travel Places India writer?

Register on TPI here: https://www.travelplacesindia.in/register/. If you have any issues, please email us at travelplacesinindia@gmail.com

Complete you author account.

Submission Guidelines of Travel Places India

This place is to help you obtain creating if you remain in a depression, and to learn more about various other authors (through their creating styles, recommendations, etc). Additionally, by writing with us, you will get your exercise there before a bigger target market! All published tales will be shown Composing together’s expanding audience on Facebook and twitter.

  1. Guest post content must be in well-written English.
  2. The content must have a minimum word limit of 700 words and must be in easy language.
  3. Content Must be Unique means must not be copied from any other blog.
  4. Any images used in your posts must be original, or those from the public domain. Authors are expected to follow copyright laws (No stealing of other’s articles or other works).
  5. Once an article is posted to the TravelPlacesIndia it becomes the property of TravelPlacesIndia. Content must not be published any where else before.
  6. We allowed one link in the content to your website.
  7. There should be at-least one image in the content. if we find any
  8. Content published with no image that will be deleted at-once. (Try to add more & more images because Image attracts more)

Please follow up all the rules so that we could create a healthy relationship together.

For Product Review

Product Review Guidelines for get it published on TravelPlacesIndia.in

We too accept Product review on TPI (Travel Places India) with following guidelines:

  1. Unique Content
  2. Minimum 500 words
  3. Good English
  4. High Quality image of Product
  5. Price of product
  6. Offer on product is any..
  7. Product review will be totally paid with a cost of $50 you can email at- shubhigupta.blogger@gmail.com
  8. We would also request you not to force for any discount because this is already discounted price.

If you send us an article draft and if we find that article need too much editing needs a lot time before publishing on TPI so additionally we charge 100 USD for this.

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NOTE: By agreeing to contribute to TravelPlacesIndia blog, you must agree to all of the above conditions.

We are waiting for your innovative tips, tricks and updates and suggestions.

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