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Kasauli- A Perfect Place To Relax Your Souls!

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We all adore the movie, Krrish, don’t we? The heather covered moors, the lush green pine and deodar trees, the magnificent mountains and mystical scenic beauty in it, enthralled us to the very core. Well, that was the exquisite hill station, Kasauli. Want to find yourself at that breathtaking place? You can reach there by an aeroplane (Chandigarh Airport is 25 km away from Kasauli), a train (Sonwara station is 4 km from Kasauli), or a bus. However, the best route would be via a cab, as it can drop you there directly. Direct cabs are available from various nearby cities. You can take a Chandigarh to Kasauli cab, or a Delhi to Kasauli cab, or even one from Ambala.

Kasauli, located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, is a small town and can be covered mostly by foot. It is a quintessential place for all kinds of souls, from nature lovers, bird-watchers, photographers and peace-seekers to painters, bookworms, writers and of course, the travellers! This tranquilizing place successfully provides rescue from the intangible cobweb of everyday’s stressful and anxious thoughts. It is always good to wander around in the bucolic landscapes, once in awhile and balm your soul with the healing touch of mother nature. After all, mankind has legs, so it can wander!

There aren’t MANY places to visit in Kasauli, however a few popular ones include the Monkey-Point, Sunset Point, popular Churches and the Kasauli brewery. Let’s dig them a bit:


There is a legendary tale behind this place. It is believed that when Lord Hanuman flew to the Himalayas in search of the Sanjivani Booti to heal the injured Lakshman, he set his foot on this place, while on the way back to Lanka. Due to this reason, the top of the mountain is in the shape of a foot. The place is full of monkeys, as the name says it, and one can even catch a sight of a deer or a fox. Another interesting thing is that, the clouds seem to hover right over you, and gently morph into the mountains. This masterpieces the place astoundingly!


One is ought to stop and behold the marvelling sunset at the Sunset Point, whenever one visits Kasauli. The multitude of hues, painting the sky at that time, creates a mind-goggling scenery. It is also a perfect place for photography, if you reach there before 5 pm.

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There are many beautiful churches in Kasauli, however, Christ Church and Baptist Church intrigue the tourists more. Christ Church, situated along the busy Mall Road, was built during the British era and has stained glass windows depicting Mary, Jesus. It is composed of the Gothic style architecture, and also features a clock tower and a sundial. The Baptist Church is cocooned within the embrace of solace and chirping birds, and must visit this beautiful church.


For all those who are fond of drinking, Kasauli Brewery is awaiting you! Built even before Kasauli was founded, it is the highest distillery in the world. Copper pots are still used here, in the process of distillation. It is famed for its single malt whiskeys and the freshly brewed Indian pale ale.

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