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Destination Wedding In Jodhpur: Top Venues For Your Dream Wedding

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By:  Kamal Nayan

Jodhpur, coloured in colourings of blue, is what one would name the suitable wedding destination in India. From finances inns to lavish motels to breathtaking forts; Jodhpur has all of the makings of being an appropriate witness to the institution of marriage. From mesmerizing views at some point of sundown to the endless canvas of golden sand, Jodhpur is replete with plenty of palaces that have now been become resorts to host lavishing wedding ceremony ceremonies.

If you are making plans for a vacation spot wedding in Jodhpur, You can hire a taxi rental in Jodhpur for your wedding. you’ve made an exquisite desire. There is a myriad of vacation spot wedding ceremony venues in Jodhpur that cater to exclusive budgets and alternatives. Let’s check out some of the best venues within the town that you can select from for a destination wedding: –

1. Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhavan is the world’s sixth-largest private residence that hosts quite a few vacation spot wedding ceremony ceremonies at some point in the 12 months. This edifice is placed within the middle of 26 acres of lush gardens, making it one of the most ideal wedding ceremony locations inside Sun City. A huge part of the palace has now come to be the background belongings of The Taj Group. This background resort gives 70 art deco-style lavishing rooms and suites to the site visitors to make their stay exquisite. So, in case you pick this venue for your fats Indian wedding, you would surely get a chance to enjoy luxury as all the royals did.

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2. Mihirgarh

The Mihirgarh Fortress is another venue that could perfectly function as one of the first-rate vacation spot wedding venues in Jodhpur attributable to its area, atmosphere, and architecture. Situated inside the centre of nowhere, Mihirgarh is one of the odes in the Thar Desert. Right from having a brilliant pre-wedding ceremony picture shoot to the main event, you’ve got a whole lot of spots inside the place of the castle that would make every and each photograph of yours simply memorable. The decorated tents, courtyards, and 9 magnificently made and decorated suites inside the citadel add up to the romantic escapade. On the pinnacle of it, the visitors here can enjoy activities inclusive of a bird looking, village safari and plenty greater of their amusement time. All those elements in Mihirgarh make this wedding destination in Jodhpur an awesome one!


Planning on having a special destination wedding in Jodhpur? RAAS Jodhpur is the place you should head to. With all the luxuries ensured inside the motel’s location, you simply have to speak with the vacation spot wedding ceremony planner in Jodhpur to get the whole lot settled. The variety of rooms and suites within the resort would virtually provide every guest with a cosy stay at some point in the whole marriage. From all of the different in-house activities, one can also revel in clicking some extraordinary images from the top of the lodge which is about 1740m excessive. For this kind of motives, this is a hotspot for human beings seeking out a royal wedding.

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4. Ajit Bhawan

Ajit Bhawan is the primary-ever royal house of India which was transformed right into a heritage lodge. The palace showcases the attraction of historical structure and hospitality, catering to enthusiastic couples who’re looking for the best wedding ceremony locations. Right from the architecture of the building to the furnishings, the whole thing in this vicinity reminds you of the Rajput Era. Even the hue of the tents and interiors are left untouched to provide a completely one of a kind look in the course of your wedding. Check the Jodhpur vacation spot wedding value according to your budget. After that, you may arrange your vacation spot wedding with the entire readability of the finances at hand.

5. Samsara Luxury Resort & Camp

If you’re searching out a hotel that embraces the grace of the golden sand and the splendour of the metropolis, then Samsara Luxury Resort and Camp is where you must be making plans on ringing your wedding bells. Amidst the dunes of the shimmering wasteland, this highly-priced asset has a tranquillizing aura that would certainly make your wedding a memorable occasion for each visitor. Just as luxurious as a Jodhpur palace for the wedding, Samsara has 21 luxury tents for the visitors to have a time that they could never overlook. In that feel, it’ll be smart to test what Jodhpur tour programs have on provided.

6. Ranbanka Palace

Destination weddings, in one manner or the opposite, are special and indulgent. When it involves having a marriage, one of the excellent vacation spot wedding venues in Jodhpur is the Ranbanka Palace.

Speak with your vacation spot wedding ceremony planner in Jodhpur to get it all prepared on time. With 70 costly rooms and suites in the palace, the atmosphere of the location, the splendour of the encompassing and a choice of organizing a cultural leisure application during the occasions – all of this make Ranbanka Palace a super location on your vacation spot wedding.

The nice time to plot your vacation spot wedding ceremony in Jodhpur

Jodhpur studies high temperature from April to October cease, so it is a no-cross in the course of this era. The time between November and March is whilst you can plan your destination wedding ceremony right here.

With venues galore for having a destination wedding in Jodhpur, count on an electric-powered environment, scenic locales, traditional tradition, and a feel of royalty whilst your wedding day arrives. For your wedding you have to hire a taxi service in Jodhpur, so hire Royal Rajasthan which is the best taxi services provider in Jodhpur.

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Last Updated: 25th March 2022

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