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Needless to say, you’ll travel best when you feel relaxed. However, going to an entirely new place can be stressful especially in a situation when you can’t find travel advice or emergency assistance. But, thanks to the travel apps you can make your trip as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Whether you want to book a room, or wish to know the best places to visit in your travel destination and so on, you will find an app to meet your varied needs. Also, you can find some of the famous places to dine using the restaurant finding apps.


The first hurdle that you’ll most likely encounter when planning your journey to India is in finding the right way to move to, and around, your vacation destination. ClearTrip app will indeed prove of great help to you, as it enables you to book flight or train tickets and also book hotel rooms. Downloading the app also provide special discounts.

2. Find Budget Hotels Using OYO Rooms App

Staying in a budget hotel does not mean you need to compromise on quality and stay in nasty hotel rooms. Thanks to branded hotel chains such as OYO Rooms and others, you can book affordable accommodation with standardized amenities (like Wi-Fi, TV, Air-conditioning, etc.) in less than 5 minutes. The OYO Rooms app is definitely going to spoil you with plenty of choices in the form of 30,000+ hotel rooms across more than 150 cities in India.

3. Discover Best Places to Dine in Using the Spooner App

Within a short span of time, Spooner has become a hot favorite app for food lovers who love discovering the restaurants well-known for their good food and outstanding service. Most importantly, it is one of the best food apps for Android and iPhone that can help travelers explore the best dishes and restaurants nearby to your location by reading user reviews.

4. Find Your Way With Google Maps

Often finding a way out of India’s confusing streets and chaotic traffic conditions can be challenging. In that case, Google Maps app can help you in finding useful information to get directions to a place. Simply access the app and type in the destination you would want to visit during your stay in cities in India, and you’ll get a Direction menu providing different route options. Just choose the most preferred way – the one with less traffic or a shortcut – depending on your preferences. This app can be located on both Android and Apple app stores.

5. Experience India’s Diversity Using

With AudioCompass, Android users can enjoy India’s diversity like never before. The app brings alive the rich culture and history of India, by letting you hear audio stories of the destination (and monuments) you are visiting in India. It’s an official app of India – Ministry of Tourism that serve as a perfect replacement to a human tour guide, helping you explore a tourist attraction at your pace. You can, in fact, play audios even in the offline mode without paying any additional cost.

6. Enjoy a Hassle-Free Local Ride With Ola cabs App

Want to avoid the hassle associated with moving around in your travel destination? Try using the Ola cabs app. It works in the majority of the large Indian cities and allows you to choose to travel from four types of cabs (Prime, Mini, Shuttle and Sedan). Once you book your ride with Ola cabs, and you’ll get an instant notification regarding your driver details. Remember to make a follow-up call to assure that the driver shows up (on time). You are required to pay after reaching to your desired location. Do you need to catch a plane or a train sometime later? No worries! The Ola cabs app give you options like “Ride Later” and “Plan Ahead” to schedule your pickup.

7. HelpChat App For Android – Your Ideal Personal Assistant

If you would like to enjoy your stay in India like a local, then the HelpChat is a must-have app for you. It acts as your personal assistance that let you book movie tickets, order food, access to nearby stores, recharge your mobile, book a cab and so on – that otherwise requires using multiple apps. The app responds in less than a minute in 90 percent of the cases.

8. Remove Communication Barrier With the Google Translate app

One common problem that many travelers face is the language barrier when visiting a place with cultural differences. If you’re also encountering such an issue, then the Google Translate app can help resolve the problem. The app can translate in 90 Indian languages. What’s interesting about the app is the Word Lens Tool that let you point at a foreign word, which gets translated in real-time. The Google Translate app can be used by both Apple and Android users.

9. Share Your Best Travel Moments With Instagram App

Of course, you would like to share some of the best travel moments with your friends and family instantly. This is where the Instagram app come in. It lets you tweak your photos as well as videos using the app custom-designed filters before getting them shared with your loved ones. Also, you can use tools within the app to make changes to your photos brightness, shadows, contrast, etc.

10. Create Story With Your Snaps Using Flipagram App

And at last, give your captured photos a form of narrative with the help of Flipagram app. You just need to choose your favorite pictures, set them in a sequence and select a track from the Apple’s iTunes store (or from an online database) to add music to it, and you’ll get a slideshow that you can share on your friends’ Facebook feeds. The app can also be downloaded by Android users from the Google Play Store.
Wrapping Up

Have you been planning a trip to India? Well, then make sure to have a good look at all the apps discussed in this post, so as to make your trip a memorable and hassle-free one.

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