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Visit the Most Famous Cleanest River in India | Dawki River

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Dawki is a small village this is placed at the border of Jaintia hill and is well-known for its Dawki River or Umngot River. It lies in India and Bangladesh and is the prime Trade Center among India and Bangladesh.

This area is well-known for its tourism thing because it draws a massive wide variety of vacationers, desires to revel in the boat trip inside the Umngot River and revel in the close by sightseeing.

dawki-river meghalaya

This area reports the fundamental footfall of vacationers at some point of the spring month as at some point of this era of time approximately proper opposition is prepared at the Dawki River. Dawki draws its traveler with a stunning suspension bridge at the darkish river and luxurious inexperienced surrounding with the bloodless weather.

This region is placed at a distance of 95 km that’s 3-hour power from Shillong City.  Dawki River and is one of the maximum famous locations for journey lovers. The suspension bridge over the Dawki River became built in the course of the British rule in India and via this Bridge export and import; paintings were completed from India to Bangladesh. You also can purchase a number of the Handicrafts which can be offered through nearby companies close to the suspension bridge as a Souvenir this trip. Some of the journey sports that may be loved at Dawki are fishing at Dawki River, kayaking at Dawki River, and tenting in Shnongpdeng village.

Dawki River

Though you would possibly have guessed through now that I don’t clearly propose this region throughout your Meghalaya adventure, in case you nonetheless determine to go, I recommend you to accomplish that among September and December.

Umngot River that is in any other case referred to as the Dawki River is a very clean lake this is encircled with the aid of using a lavish inexperienced climate. Umngot flow is located withinside the metropolis that is settled on the decrease a part of Jaintia Hills. The water of this waterway is so clean and smooth that after the Boat drift on it looks like the boat is important all around. While cruising inside the Umngot river you could understand the adorable shakes and stones have located at the waterway floor likewise you could locate the shiny fish drifting through the inexperienced water of this waterway. The maximum best method to research this flow is through cruising a good way to price you around Rs. 500 for one and 1/2 of lengthy intervals of drifting. A restriction of 4 humans is allowed in a solitary boat at a time.

Stay In Dawki

There are 3 locations to stay:

  • Dawki village
  • Darrang village
  • Shnongpdeng village

So let’s communicate approximately them all…

dawki river Travelplaces in Meghalaya

Dawki village

Dawki village is positioned inside the country of Meghalaya that is positioned inside the North-Eastern part of India. This area is having captivating waterfalls, wonderful wildlife, crystal-clean rivers, and lots of greater such wonders. The Dawki village is positioned at the foothills of Jaintia Hill and is taken into consideration as one of the cleanest villages in India. The lush inexperienced surroundings with the movement of water flowing uninterrupted make the view absolutely astonishing. This village is likewise a border to be skipped through for Bangladesh.

It both serves to travelers who book a group excursion and haven’t any concept wherein their journey agent has made an association for them. Or individuals who had been touring Dawki River on an afternoon ride from Shillong however were given stranded.

Darrang Village

When Dawki village have become crowded, Darrang got here up with homestays and guesthouses. But over time, Darrang additionally were given crowded and travelers commenced searching out locations deeper inside. And that’s while Shnongpdeng village got here into the picture. Speaking of locations to live in Darrang, however, test for Frankenstein Camps or Betelnut Resort.

Shnongpdeng Village

For maximum finances travelers, Shnongpdeng gives neighborhood homestays and riverside tenting for as little as 500 Rupees. But at that price, you get totally grimy vicinity and no safety. Still, if you’re searching out an area. To discover a couple of correct locations in Shnongpdeng, however, go the river, the use of the suspension bridge and test for Fabian Adventure Camp or an area known as Riverside Hot Camping.

Major points of interest of Dawki

Dawki River is one of the maximum crystal clean rivers of India and is likewise called the Wah Umngot River. This river is so smooth that from the floor you’ll see the stones and pebbles inner this river. This entire river is the clearest river however throughout the September month; it turns into a lot clearer. You can discover the lovely marine lifestyles on this river at the same time as boating over it.

Dawki or Umngot River

Dawki or Umngot River

The small border metropolis Dawki of Meghalaya is famous for its well-known Umngot River and a stunning suspension bridge. It is a primary traveler vacation spot in Meghalaya. Umngot River is so clean that the boats are floating on it appearing as though they’re on a crystal glass surface. Dawki lies among India and Bangladesh and is the exchange hub among the 2 countries. People come to this vicinity to revel in ship experience inside the Umngot River and consider the encompassing greenery. The charge for boat driving is the Rs. 800/- in keeping with the boat.

Byrdaw Falls

water falls at Dawki river

Regardless of little reality on it, few vacationers had been note this vicinity as an area of visitor appeal due to its lovely look, proper social behavior and most significantly are of the distinctiveness of this falls known as Byrdaw Falls. Interestingly, the falls act as a supply of profits to a few humans of this village in which the falls is located. But infect the float of vacationers to this region is minimum because of lesser known, negative connectivity in time period of advertisement, loss of encouragement or steps taken through the authorities etc.

It draws the villagers of miles flung regions in addition to a close-by village. It forces the primary timer traveler to return back again and again to flavor the experience of its beautifulness.

Jaflong Zero point

Jaflong Zero point Dawki river

Jaflong Zero factor is positioned at the India Bangladesh border and is in the proximity of 1 kilometer from Dawki market. This is the factor from wherein the Dawki River flows in Bangladesh. Here you’ll discover Khasi tribes and the Crystal Clear Water. This area may be explored from 8 with inside the morning until 4 with inside the evening.

Mawshun Cave

Mawshun Cave dawki river

Mawshun cave is one of the maximum outstanding sights of Dawki village this is located on east Khasi hill of Meghalaya. This cave is positioned withinside the proximity of Mawshun village. There is a touch pond this is fashioned because of the waft of water and very high-quality and calm surroundings that soaks up your soul. You want to paintings at least for five mins on the difficult floor to attain this cave. This cave may be visited at any time at some point of the week.

This cave lies round 680 m in a direct line east of the congregation at Lelad but a hundred m lower. It incorporates of dendrites ace flow cavern that is going approximately as a gatherer for some channels and depletes the place east of the metropolis Lelad. The uninviting passageway, with inside the center of stones, opens to a five m pot that drops right into a fine, clean-washed flow access, which once more activates a 24 m profound pitch. The flow access receives bigger, each upstream and downstream, with the downstream phase estimating 12 m through 10 m. The cavern has some all-round enriched odd nation entries. It is a tremendous cavern association of 3339 m long.

Borehill Falls

water falls at Dawki river

Borehill fall is one of the distinguished sights of Meghalaya and is positioned close to the countrywide border. The splendor of this waterfall will truly make your day with only a look. The water of this waterfall flows from India and enters in Bangladesh border. This waterfall is likewise referred to as Bophill falls or the Pangthumai falls with the aid of using the neighborhood people.

How to Travel To Dawki River

Again, in case you’re nonetheless wondering to go to this place, regardless of my caution to now no longer do so, right here is the way to tour…

By Road

Dawki is placed in proximity of 90 km from the capital town of Meghalaya this is Shillong. You can both pressure via way of means of yourself to Dawki or can rent a public car for this journey.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Shillong. But in case you are flying from Delhi or Bangalore or another large city in India, you’ll locate exceptional rate flights to Guwahati. So I endorse you book a flight to Guwahati airport.

Guwahati to Shillong is best a 2 hours journey. You can hire a motorcycle, book a bus or a taxi and tour from Guwahati to Shillong even at 12 with inside the midnight. So you, book a flight to Guwahati store yourself a few money.

By Train

Since Meghalaya has no trains, the closest teach station is, again, Guwahati railway station. As quickly as you return back out of the teach station in Guwahati, you locate comfortably to be had taxis (shared and personal both) and buses that visit Shillong. A bus charges approximately two hundred Rupees and shared-taxi charges approximately 350.

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