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10 scenic waterfalls in Meghalaya

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The state of Meghalaya in northeastern India has misty hills, valleys, sparkling lakes and rivers, and the most famous waterfalls. Named in Sanskrit, it means the residence of clouds. It is a must-visit for any enthusiast Ground. It is a pleasure to visit and experience.

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Meghalaya is rich in natural beauty. No matter where you go in Meghalaya, you will be amazed and admired by the great charm of this country. From tranquil waterfalls to lush green forests and deep prehistoric caves, to amazing good culture and traditions. Thank you very much for the hospitality and friendly people.


When we think about an area absolutely immersed in herbal beauty, the primary call that involves thoughts is Meghalaya. Literally translating into the ‘Abode of Clouds,’ Meghalaya boasts of the maximum scenic landscape, way to its mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Exuding allure and serenity, those are the waterfalls you ought to discover whilst in Meghalaya.


When vacationing in Meghalaya, be sure to see the beauty of the state and these charming waterfalls that hide the beauty of nature. All these waterfalls in Meghalaya are extraordinary. Check it out!


  • Elephant Falls – Most Popular Tourist Place In Shillong
  • Seven Sisters Falls – A Marvellous Sight To Behold
  • Kynrem Falls – Of Breath-Taking Beauty
  • Nohkalikai Falls – Known For The Spectacular Plunge Pool
  • Dainthlen Falls – Beauty That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
  • Langshiang Falls – Hidden Gem Of Meghalaya
  • Bishop And Beadon Falls – The Twin Brother Falls
  • Sweet Falls – Dangerous Yet Beautiful
  • Bophill Falls – An Unexplored Beauty
  • Mawphlang Falls – To Reinvigorate Amid Nature

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls

As one of the famous waterfalls in Meghalaya, Elephant Falls is a 3-tier marvelous cascade. Located near Shillong Peak, this autumn is referred as ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ with the aid of using the nearby people, which means ‘3 step waterfalls’. Nestled amid thick forests, Elephant falls in Shillong seems terrify and torrential, after the monsoon season, especially from October to December. The Britishers named it so because of the enormous rock mendacity on the foot of the waterfall that has resemblances with that of an elephant. However, the rock is not there, ever because it became destroyed in an earthquake. Located 12 kms from Shillong city, this vicinity is often visited with the aid of using travelers and locals, in particular in weekends.

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Seven Sisters Falls

Seven Sisters Falls

This seven-level waterfall is called Nohsngitiang Waterfall or Mausmai Waterfall and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Meghalaya. The Seven Sisters Falls fall from the limestone cliffs of Mount Kashi, reaching 1,033 feet, and is one of the highest waterfalls in India. Experience the rushing stream and visit this waterfall between July and September. Surrounded by lush green forests, you will be amazed by the beauty of the waterfalls of Seven Streams.

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Kynrem Falls

10 scenic waterfalls in Meghalaya

Located close to Cherrapunji that is one of the maximum waterfalls of Meghalaya. With a peak of approximately 1003 feet, Kynrem falls is counted because the seventh maximum waterfall in India. It flaunts its captivating splendor in post-monsoon and iciness season. One of the primary sights right here is Pillar Rock or Shiva Rock. It is famously referred to as Khoh Ramhah or Mothorp and is a massive rock placed simply beside the falls which provide an incredible view of the plains of Meghalaya.

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls is positioned at a distance of seven km from Cherrapunji. It is famend to be the very best plunge waterfall in India. The water cascades down from a large height, forming a deep plunge pool, which appears spectacular. There is likewise a viewing gallery on the pinnacle of the falls and you’ll be able to climb as much as revel in the bird’s eye view of the waterfall and the plunge pool.

Dainthlen Waterfalls

10 scenic waterfalls in Meghalaya

Dainthlen Falls is one of the maximum photographed waterfalls that are placed at Sohra, close to Cherrapunji, fine acknowledged for its fabulous vista. As in line with mythology, the waterfall was given its call from a big serpent, which used to stay in a close-by cave. The locals killed this big snake because of the damage it becomes inflicting the villagers. The sight of the water gushing down in all its pressure is the maximum serene and majestic sight to behold that possible experience.

Langshiang Falls

10 scenic waterfalls in Meghalaya

The Jinshi River flows down from the West Kashi Mountain, forming Langshang Waterfall. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Meghalaya, located in the middle of the Sangriang forest near Nongstein. A refreshingly beautiful waterfall, commonly known as “Kshaid Urnar”, offers beautiful views of the green hills and surrounding villages.

Bishop and Beadon Waterfalls

Bishop and Beadon are twin brothers of Meghalaya. Bishop Falls is a three-story creek falling from a height of 446 feet. The view of the surrounding countryside and rocky hills from the water droplets in the can is bathed in mist and mist, and the bishop’s foamy water gushes out. Form a deep dive. Both waterfalls fall into the deep canyon of the Umiam River and flow through the impressive Suna Valley.

Sweet Falls

Sweet Falls is a natural beauty waterfall located near Happy Valley. It is considered an ideal place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquility. Sweet Falls is known as one of the most dangerous waterfalls in Meghalaya because it is covered by slippery rocks throughout the area. The Ministry of Tourism has banned visitors from entering the bottom of the waterfall, but you can definitely enjoy the beauty of Happy Valley.

Bophill Falls

Situated close to Dwaki at Indo- Bangladesh boarder, Bophill Falls is an unpopular but extraordinarily stunning waterfall in Meghalaya. This is a gushing stream that showcases its grace and majesty for the duration of rain and post-monsoon. A favored amongst nature enthusiasts and images buffs, Bophill Falls gives panoramic view of Khasi hills on one aspect and plains of Bangladesh at the other.

Mawphlang Falls


One of the maximum awesome waterfalls with inside the kingdom is Mawphlang. Rolling down via more than one stage from a terrific height, it’s far a peaceful and serene fall, positioned internal Mawhplang Sacred Forests. The water falls right into a small plunge pool that is the appropriate region to relax, rejuvenate and spend a while amidst the tranquil nature.


The reasons are compelling for you to kick-start your bookings to the wonderful town of Meghalaya. It’s progressing to be a pleasant experience for you stuffed with journey and amazing experiences. At Pick your trail, we would like our travellers to fancy and skill all that Meghalaya has got to offer. So, begin designing your trip to Meghalaya to experience the sweetness of nature.


Additional Point

  • Meghalaya is breathtaking land and has been given a number of the maximum scenic waterfalls in India. However, it’s far crucial to take a few provisions, earlier than travelling them.
  • Make certain now no longer to throw trash round the encompassing
  • Carry right hiking footwear which might be non-slippery in nature to keep away from any accidents.
  • Do now no longer contact any plant, in case you do now no longer have a legitimate expertise of its kind.
  • Most of the waterfalls do now no longer have cafeterias nearby. It is suggested to hold meals and liquids during your journey.
  • Carry a number of the clinical critical for your backpack.
  • Do now no longer disturb the wild animals with inside the area. Make certain now no longer to feed the animals.
  • Do right studies at the timings and the whole and remaining hours of the waterfalls, earlier than travelling the location.

If you’re determined to drag yourself out of this metropolis existence and rejuvenate yourself many of the splendors of nature, Meghalaya must be your go-to option. This location will run over its magic wand and could remodel you right into an exclusive character altogether. Find a few pieces and hook up with your soul at the same time as on foot thru the opaque woodland and the white waterfalls. So what are you ready for, percent your baggage and seize the following flight, for the outstanding journey of your existence.

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