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The Best Time to Visit Jodhpur, India

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By:  Kamal Nayan

When is the Best Time to Visit Jodhpur?

The best time to visit Jodhpur is October to March, except for the duration of Christmas and New Year’s. Temperatures variety between 10°C and 34°C, and it’s dry and funky. December to February see the highest airfares and room fees, so boost reserving is beneficial. If you are planning to visit Jodhpur, you can book a taxi rental in Jodhpur which is the best way to explore Jodhpur.

Best Time for Sightseeing: The weather is suffering from Jodhpur’s role within the desolate tract, so it is able to be extraordinarily warm or bloodless, but the metropolis doesn’t suffer from the type of smog found in Delhi, a fog that obstructs the Taj Mahal at Agra, or monsoons that flood Mumbai. Temperatures can rise to forty°C in April, May, and June. Rains fall between June and September. So, the best time for sightseeing is the dry and cooler months of October to March, but, if possible, avoid the peak duration around Christmas and New Year.

Best Time for Weather: October to March is when rain is negligible and the times are slight, even cool, and often quite chilly at night time, so come prepared. During the relaxation of the 12 months, it’s both too moist or hot and made worse with the aid of the wild winds and dust storms.

Best Time for Honeymoons: The drier and cooler months between November and March are best for exploring the town and country, but Christmas/New Year is busy.
Best Time for National Parks: October to April are the driest and coolest. Many countrywide parks close all through the moist season (particularly July and August).


Best Time for Nightlife: October to April. There isn’t an exceptional preference of things to do after darkish, but journeying a rooftop cafe close to the citadel will obviously be satisfactory whilst it’s dry.

Best Time for Saving Money: May to September. Jodhpur is a popular vacation spot, when costs and airfares rocket all through the drier and cooler months and over Christmas/New Year, specifically.

Jodhpur Travel Seasons

High Season (December to February): The limitless slight and dry days, which can flip chilly at night time, understandably entice far greater tourists than the new and wet ones. Over the peak time from mid-December to mid-January, booking resorts and train/aircraft tickets nicely before arrival is actually vital.

Shoulder Season (March, October, and November): This avoids: (1) the hot season, while the wasteland winds, dust storms, and scorching temperatures may be truely unsightly; (2) the wet season; and (three) the 2-three weeks around the Christmas/New Year period. During those months, the times are nevertheless fine, if a touch heat and humid (even at night time), and there may be some lingering rain in early October. Also, fewer vacationers – and, consequently, decrease hotel prices – make this the cushiest time for travelling.

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Low Season (April to September): During the acute warmth in April, May, and June, average temperatures can pinnacle forty°C, which can be compounded with the aid of the nice and cosy nights, desert winds, and occasional dust storms. The warmth recedes a little at some stage in the wet season, which peaks in July and August. By past due September, the rain has ordinarily stopped, leaving the streets easy and gardens lush, but water-logging is commonplace and may disrupt travel plans.

How to Reach Jodhpur:

Jodhpur is well connected by road, rail and air so from Jodhpur railway station or Jodhpur airport you can check out cab hire in Jodhpur and can explore the Jodhpur.

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