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Exotic Honeymoon Gateway- Andaman

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Andaman situated in the farthest corner of the south of India is a perfect destination for the newlyweds to visit for their honeymoon. The archipelago islands of India situated in the tropical setting have a lot to offer to the love birds. In the middle of the sea, Andaman is covered with dense rainforest, white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, best view of the sunset and absolutely mouthwatering seafood.

Andaman best destination for honeymoon

Andaman is widely popular among honeymooners for the feeling of being in an exotic destination while still being within the country. The tropical weather, lush green picturesque beauty, serene and calm atmosphere, breathtaking secluded beaches all makes it a perfect romantic destination to be with your better half.

Places to visit and things to do with your partner in Andaman

Have-lock island is the popular place in Andaman for it provides many mesmerizing views as well as offers a lot of fun activities. Beach dress, a beach hat and your partner are all needed to stroll around in the soft sandy beach of Asia’s best beach, Radhanagar, and witness the spectacular view of the golden setting sun. During low tide, walking around the cove would lead to a much more secluded spot for a more private setting. Elephant beach offers all the fun and adventurous water activities to try such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and jet skiing.

Baratang island is a must visit in Andaman to enjoy boating and to witness the beautiful limestone caves and mangrove creeks. Head to Cinque island for the unique and exciting experience of sea walking to experience the exquisite marine life. Imagine walking under water the same way as walking in land with your partner and witnessing exotic fishes swimming around you. Get up close to the colourful coral reefs, star fishes and turtles. Check out the best deals on Andaman honeymoon trip of Andaman Tourism.

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Last Updated:  July 9, 2021

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