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How to Interpret Your Natal Chart: A Step-By-Step Guide

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The natal system shows the path of our life. It tells the right choices to make for a better future. If you completely follow the advice, you can modify the way of living.

How to read the natal chart

The natal chart is a special method of predicting your fate. Read this information carefully. You will learn how to interpret your natal chart. Start by looking at your birth chart. It is extremely important that you do not trust astrologers who read the natal chart. It is a bit like interpreting your future by looking at a tarot card. You may get a good picture. But, a good astrologer is able to show you details that you would not be able to notice yourself. The same applies for the natal chart. It is not good to rely on this method alone. Read this information and consider it. The next step is to learn the basics of the natal chart. What Is a Natal Chart? The natal chart is a book of the sun. It tells us the way that our life should be.

The planetary positions

When we talk about best free natal chart interpretation, we talk about it in a positive way, but there are some actions that are required for a better future and these are simply not negotiable. Planets and houses in one constellation are connected, which is the sole reason behind choosing your natal chart by looking into the chart of your star sign. There are actually 12 astrological signs and their natal chart and each one of them represents different traits that you are born with and which is followed by specific actions. Once you know your natal chart, you can plan your future and you can either go with what you feel and stick to it, or make a switch in your life which leads you to a better future.

The house cusps

The house cusps indicate the parts of your personality that are affected by your signs and sector birth. According to astrologers, the house cusps show up as circles with different sizes on the natal chart. Each circle represents a specific sign or sector. This cusp indicates your mindset and inner thinking at a specific time of your life. The house cusps are taken as two parts. A circle on the left shows your individual self, while the one on the right represents your public persona. Following below is the step-by-step guide on how to read your natal chart interpretation. Read the house cusps: Find a house point and the house cusps (2×2). Find the house pointing upwards on the circle. The house or house point is the bigger circle on the left.

The quality of the planet

The climate of the planet plays a big role in the way we live. People live in cities, where there are no mountains, rivers, jungles and woods. You need a direct connection with nature for the well-being of your soul. This is a very clear sign that you need to make a drastic change in your life. You need to have the time to experience nature. You are still living in the big city, where you can’t practice as much as you would like to. Meaning Of Pluto Pluto is the great father figure. He is the Earth father, in a sense. He is the main one, who carries people through the evolutionary process. Pluto and his wife, Juno, are the two parents of the earth, or stars. Pluto loves adventure, he hates being bored. A good role model is needed.


Please note that these steps were based on my personal life experience. It was my best friend at that time who recommended these steps. I can assure you, it will make your life easier. Don’t waste your time on just buying the book. Put these steps into practice, and you will never regret it. Warm regards, [email protected] FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD: Enter your email below and we will send you our FREE e-book on how to interpret your natal chart!

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