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World Largest House of Royal Family Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

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Umaid Bhawan Place In Jodhpur

The Grand Royal house Umaid Bhawan Palace one of the favorite tourist visiting the city Jodhpur located in Rajasthan State of India, The palace was made between 1928 to 1943  by King Umaid Singh Ji, and architecture design by United Kingdom of Britain citizen Mr Henry Lanchester which shows a blend of eastern western architectural influences.

Umaid Bhawan

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is a lavish art deco monument which was built for a Jodhpur public relief and employment project during a long period of drought. A special type of sand stone (Chithar sandstone) thats alos called Chithar Palace and about 1 million sq feet of the finest marble was used for its construction. It has approx. 347 rooms, many courtyards, hotel (Taj Group), and a banquet hall.

Umaid Bhawan Top View

Half part of umaid bhawan operated by The Taj Group as a heritage hotel located in Jodhpur, The hotel has 64 rooms including the king and queen royal suite. This is the only place in the world where you can find marble bath tubs. The palace covers 26 acr of land, there are many chambers like library room, royal sauna, marble squash court room, tennis courts, throne room, public & private meeting hall for corporate event and marriage funtion, private dinner hall, spa, indoor swimming pool etc .

umaid Bhawan

The museum here attracts every tourist with royal artifacts, clocks, photographs, classic cars of the king, mural paintings, porcelain wares and so on. and  other part residence Maharaja Gaj Singh and his Royal family and museum leaves with his family in a part of Umaid Bhawan and also has a museum where you can see collection of vintage cars, clocks and banner gifted by queen Victoria, art effects, trophies and weapons.

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Opening Times:       9:00 AM  to 16:30 PM, daily
Best Time to Visit:  October to early March
Duration:                   1 – 2 Hour
Travelled By:            Foot
Cost:                          30 INR

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