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9 Historical Places in Mauritius to Visit In 2023

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The island country of Mauritius is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations all over the world. Recognized for its coastlines, plants as well as fauna as well as attractive views, Mauritius is a modern area, residence to people of Indian, African, French, as well as Chinese ancestry. The exotic climate of the island attracted the Europeans right here, which made its background rather noteworthy. The nation was ruled by the Dutch, French, and British between the sixteenth as well as twentieth centuries. There are numerous must-visits historical places in Mauritius, which will certainly aid you recognize the society of the location much better.

9 Best Historical Places in Mauritius

If you’re preparing a getaway in Mauritius then see to it to include these historic areas to your checklist and also find the strange as well as mystifying truths concerning these old heritages.

  • Baie de l’Arsenal
  • La Route du Thé
  • Aubin House
  • Beau Plan Sugar Mill
  • Martello Tower
  • Eureka House
  • Le Morne
  • Matthew Flinders Monument
  • Citadel Fort

1. Baie De l’Arsenal Or Arsenal Bay

The damages of a French Collection can be found in this bay area called Arsenal Bay, situated in the north of the country. One of the lesser-known historical places of Mauritius, the town of Arsenal was home to a French shop, which produced cannons and all various other types of armed forces materials. Nevertheless, it was destroyed back in 1774 because of an explosion killing around 300 slaves. If you are remaining at Resort Maritim, you can actually go to the grounds to witness the damages.

2. La Route Du Thé (Bois Cheri)

Bois Cheri is a well-known tea hacienda, which is one of the three most famous quits on La Course du Thé. Located around twelve kilometres from the renowned River des Anguilles, these tea gardens cover an area of around 250 hectares. You can reserve a tour of the facilities where you will get to know in deep regarding the history as well as the functioning of the ranch, making it among the must-visit historical place in Mauritius

There is an exhibit room here also, showcasing the centuries of history of this place. At the end of the tour, you can example teas.

3. St. Aubin House

Among the best historical places in Mauritius, the hacienda of St. Aubin goes back almost two hundred years. The factory was moved in the seventies as well as the estate no more sell sugar. However, the lawns of this massive residence are now home to a rum distillery. There is a vanilla house, spice garden, the tropical garden right here too. You will be accompanied by an overview on your walk around your house and its various components including the famous sugar manufacturing facility. The five-course Mauritian lunch here, concentrating on palm, mango, and pineapple, additionally establishes the mood right.

4. Beau Plan Sugar Mill

One more sugar manufacturing facility, the Sweetheart Strategy serves as a gallery, putting it on every list of top historical places in Mauritius. The exhibit right here covers the tale of sugar, crisscrossing with the background of the island, rum profession along with the technique of enslavement.

The excursion will take anywhere from a couple of hrs. The manufacturing facility itself was started back in 1797, and also it was closed down at the turn of the century in 1999. The gallery also has video clips along with interactive sessions where you can acquire even more knowledge regarding the background of the area. Oh, and also at the end of the scenic tour, everyone reaches taste around fifteen kinds of sugar, every one of which were initial developed in Mauritius itself.

5. Martello Tower

The five towers were built back in 1800’s by the British to safeguard their colony from the French, who apparently were attempting to prompt the servants. The tower situated at La Preneuse is currently working as a museum where specialists clarify the unbelievable design of the towers. Apparently, these towers are all 3 metres thick, with copper cannons which might contend a range of regarding 2 kilometers. Martello Tower is the best historical place in Mauritius.

6. Eureka House

Built in the very early 1800’s as a grand estate, this place is a museum now, providing an understanding into the colonial past of the country. Your house itself bears characteristics of tropical architecture with concerning 109 doors as well as a multitude of spaces to keep the location cool even in scorching summer. The place residences several vintages, furniture pieces and maps going back to the French East India Firm in addition to servant quarters as well as kitchen areas. Honestly, this is the one historical building in Mauritius you should not miss out on, no matter what! Eureka House is top historical place in Mauritius.

7. Le Morne

Another UNESCO World Heritage Website, the location is unquestionably among one of the most famous places of historical interest in Mauritius. It is just a mountain located southwest of the island, which supplied shelter to a number of slaves that dared to flee from their masters in the past. Provided the place’s dangerous, unattainable topography, the servants that fled developed their own areas right here and also remained in the caverns. The location is a substantial icon of their fight for freedom and also the uncrushable human spirit.

8. Matthew Flinders Monument

Developed just 15 years back in 2003, this is among minority historic monuments in Mauritius. The place is committed to Matthew Flinders, the English cartographer as well as traveler that first recognized Australia as a continent. It celebrates the two hundredth anniversary of his arrival in the nation. Interestingly, when he first got here on the island, he obtained imprisoned for six years as England as well as France were at war.

9. Citadel Fort

Also called Ft Adelaide, this military building was built by the British back in the 19th century. You can appreciate panoramic sights of the capital, Port Louis, along with the harbour from the top. The barracks of the old times have been converted into boutiques where you can pick mementos up from.

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