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Check out the beautiful waterfalls of Mussoorie

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Mussoorie is mapped almost thirty-five kilometres from Dehradun. The hill station is snuggled in the slopes of Himalayan Range. It has been very popular since the eras of colonialism in India. The hill station is certainly a very stayed and valued place. The whole hill station is filled with beautiful sites and waterfalls.

Everything about this hill station is wow. Even the hotels in Mussoorieare endowed with natural charm and splendour. So, just ponder about Mussoorie and if you have some time on your plate, pay a visit to this hill station. For now, you can have a demo of the waterfalls of this city.

Kempty Falls:

Kempty Falls is hemmed in by majestic mountain ranges and is one of the most go to tourist fascination in Mussoorie. It is located at 1,364 m and allows the tourists to taste splendid views of the hill station and the remarkable natural grandeurs all around. Once you are there, you can listen to the melodic sound of waterfall and you are going to be amazed! After all, the spot is gifted with so much charm and glory. If you are a water lover, you can splash in the chilling water and can perform a memorable picnic with your dear ones too.

Jharipani Falls:

If you think that you are the true lover of nature then this is the place. The falls is situated extremely near to Mussoorie. Talking about the splendour of this spot, the trekkers especially adore the zone around these waterfalls because the backdrop is amazing. The landscapes of these spots are worth embracing and you can spend abundance of quality and tranquil time here.

If you sit or stand under the realm of Jharipani falls; soon a stroke of the chilling breeze will wipe away all your worries and take you to another creation of calmness and tranquillity. So, whether you are a trekking buff or a nature admirer, these water falls will surely make your day. The natural blanket of this site is so cordial that you are going to fall for it.

Bhatta Falls:

Bhatta Falls is sprawled seven kilometres away from Mussoorie hill station. It is a beautiful space, distant from the sorrows of commercialization. At present time, the place has turned into a beautiful picnic spot wherein the local people and tourists love and cherish to spend a quality time.

It is certainly worth mentioning that the place has an ideal backdrop for the photo enthusiasts. So, in case you love to travel and have an exclusive corner for photography in your heart, you must not skip to visit this spot. After all, it is full of so much of thrill, fun and transformation. Whether you are interested in taking bath in freshwater pond, or you wish to relish a picnic or celebrate a beautiful photo session, this is the spot.

Thus, find out some cool and cosy Mussoorie hotels and find yourself having a great time with your loved ones amidst the beauties of Mussoorie.

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