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5 ways to make the most of your Dominica passport

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Dominica is considered nature’s best preserved sites in all Caribbean. The lush green forests, winding rivers and soaring mountains are worth exploring. Although, nightlife features are limited with sparse commercial development, it’s the captivating backdrop and wonder of nature to keep the adventure spirit motivated.

Dominica passport is your chance to enjoy eco-tourism and discover nature’s treasure in all its glory. The island is best known for conserving wildlife and local forestry like no other in the entire Western Hemisphere. When on the island, here’re a few things to enjoy;

  1. Trafalgar Falls

Trafalgar Falls is one of the most visited and jaw-dropping sites in Dominica located on the west side of the epic Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Besides being impressive, the site is easily accessible for even amateur trekkers and thrill seekers however they shouldn’t expedite without a professional guide. The top or highest of the waterfall cascades dramatically from Trois Pitons River and into hot sulphur springs while the lower one empties into a natural swimming pool.

  1. The Emerald Pool Nature Trail

The 15-minute long Emerald Pool Nature Trail is perfect for novice hikers and also a part of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It’s slightly rocky when moving down the hill but the trek eventually clears taking you to the waterfall site and chilled swimming area. Early morning visit to the place is preferred as it gets crowded with passing of the day.

  1. Scott’s Head Pinnacle

A hotspot for divers; Scott’s Head Pinnacle is another place worth visiting with Dominica passport. It’s located in a village bearing similar name with primary diving point filled with gnarly rocks, coral-infested waters and soldier fish while reaching a depth of 35 feet so one need to be extra careful. However, if you’re a savvy diver and successful in reaching “the pinnacle”, don’t forget taking back some of the most remarkable pictures of corals and lobsters.

  1. Fort Shirley

While the Cabrits National Park is home to swamps, wetlands and coral reefs near the town of Portsmouth, it’s best known for the 18th century stronghold, Fort Shirley. From here, you’ll probably get lost in breath-taking views of Prince Rupert Bay and remnants of volcanic crater to the north-western coast.

Visitors bearing Dominica passport visit the island for intense adventures, remarkable pictures to brighten up the portfolio and of course, mingle with the nature. Fort Shirley recently underwent restoration allowing tourist to trek the area at a minimal cost.

  1. Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is naturally settled on Earth’s crust releasing steam, gas and hot bubbling water that eventually vaporises. The site is approximately 200-feet wide and forms a part of Morne Trois National Park. Travel experts and locales highly recommend trekking to the lake with a guide as the trail is muddy, foggy, humid, intense and long. Spare a full day expediting to the Boiling Lake with a fully prepared backpack.


For pure thrill seekers, listed above are a few places worth exploring with Dominica passport.

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