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4 Tips to Record More Impressive Travel Videos

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Recording travel videos can be tricky, as the setting and conditions will generally be far from ideal. Normally the footage that you record will suffer in terms of quality as a consequence, and some segments may be shaky, out of focus, or have other issues as well.

That being said there are steps that you can take to record more impressive travel videos, and ensure their quality is top notch. In particular you should focus on these areas when you’re recording your videos:

 Hold the camera properly to keep it steady

One of the main problems with travel videos is that it can be tough keeping the camera steady while you record. A good place to start fixing that is to ensure you hold the camera properly – with both hands and with your elbows locked at your sides. That should provide more stability, and keep your camera from shaking or losing focus.

If all else fails you could look into other ways of keeping your camera steady, such as by using a camera holder or stand.

Always be aware of the location of light sources

As you probably know you don’t want any light source to be in the frame of your shot otherwise it will wash out the rest of the scene and the contrast will ruin elements in the foreground. Because of that you should remember to always be aware of any light sources, and to position yourself well in relation to them before you start recording.

Don’t just record from eye-level

The majority of travel videos are all shot from eye-level, because that is the ‘normal’ stance that you’re likely to be in when you record. Mixing it up and changing the perspective of your video can make it look far more impressive however, so try recording from below or above eye-level and see how it turns out.

Use a standalone microphone for audio

Relying on a camera’s built-in microphone to record travel videos is often bound to be disappointing, so you should try using a standalone high quality microphone instead. If you’re recording a live voiceover you could opt for one that clips on to your collar and will make the audio more clear.

Recording other sounds in travel videos can be a bit more complex, but a directional microphone may help.

With the help of these tips you should be able to record far better travel videos. As you can see most of them aren’t that difficult to apply, and so you should be able to try them out the next time you start recording.

Of course it also helps if you’re able to compile and edit your travel video later, and Movavi Video Editor could prove useful in that regard. To learn how to split videos to trim out unwanted parts or compile a travel video, head over to https://www.travelplacesindia.in/ Because it is so easy to use you should have no problem applying its features to your travel videos.


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