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Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

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By:  Shubhi Gupta

It is not easy to stay far from family for years. It is not easy to serve selflessly for the interest of the whole nation. But the brave US military has proved that they would stand by their motherland even risking their lives. 11th November is the day when the World War1 came to an end and from then the people of America celebrates this day to honour the brave heroes who continue to fight for the sake of their nation. There are many who are still confused about the celebration on Veterans Day and might be clueless of the history. There are some of the noteworthy facts mentioned below for you to understand the importance of this very day.

  • To show gratitude: There are brave individuals who bet their lives to secure the future of the Americans. Yet it is a fact that the freedom the US people are enjoying could not be taken for granted but is the result of their sacrifice. It was not easy for them and their family to stay apart for nights. People must celebrate their sacrifice to honour their courageous deed.
  • Celebrate the service: One must not mix the importance of Veterans Day with Memorial Day. On Memorial Day the military men and women who died while serving the country are honoured and remembered. But Veterans Day is to congratulate and to salute the courteous act done by the valiant individuals whether they lived or died in the war.
  • A national holiday: The date 11th November was declared as the national holiday by the contemporary US President. And still, now it gives a good feeling when every single citizen is showing honour and respect to the US soldiers for their unimaginable sacrifice. Nationalism is one of the key reasons to celebrate this national holiday. A special parade takes place on this day thanking the military men and women of US for their bravery steps to protect America during World War1. We can also download veterans day images and quotes from google.com
  • It comes from the heart: The people of America doesn’t find reasons to celebrate this memorable day as it comes from their heart to salute the immense sacrifice done by the US individuals. This very day is related to the emotions of millions of Americans and they find it fortunate to celebrate this day.
  • Salute future military members: Veterans Day parade is an excellent event to experience. As on this parade decorative trucks, boats, cars take part and move around the streets of downtown. People of America enjoy this wonderful parade a lot. You would find junior ROTC cadets from dozens of high schools saluting the soldiers of next generation. Not only the juniors but talented dancers from local dance studios take part and perform splendid performance as a tribute to the brave heroes. Music bands carrying trumpets and drums join the parade to cheer the citizens on this auspicious day making the day more ceremonial.

These are the key reasons for the US people to celebrate the Veteran Day.

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