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Europe Travel Guide

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By:  Shubhi Gupta

A mosaic of many different languages and nationalities, Europe draws nearly half a billion annual visitors with its wealth of cultural, artistic, and architectural attractions. Europe also features one of the world’s most efficient rail and road networks, generally making travel a pleasant and easy experience. The world’s smallest continent in terms of surface area, this land stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east boasts thousands of years of history preserved and displayed in hundreds of world-famous museums, galleries, libraries, and universities. Offering travelers a seemingly endless variety of landscapes, Europe encompasses booming cities, tiny villages, lush river valleys, majestic mountain ranges, deep lakes, and sprawling seas. If you have already discovered the popular destinations of Italy or Greece, try the less-explored Balkans or Scandinavia. If you want to more about this then visit here Europe Travel Guide.

Places to Visit In Europe


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While England’s sprawling urban areas provide easy access to world-class shopping, nightlife, and dining, the sweeping countryside features dozens of atmospheric villages and ancient remains of once-powerful societies.


Italy’s fortes extend beyond its galleries, plates and wardrobes. The country is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, its geography offering extraordinary natural diversity. this is a place for doing as well as experiencing. One day you’re tearing down Courmayeur’s powdery slopes, the next you could be riding cowboy-style across the marshes of the Maremma, or diving in coral-studded Campanian waters. Not undesirable for a country not much bigger than Arizona.

Italy’s 20 areas feel more like 20 independent states, each with its own different languages, traditions, structures and glorious food. From nibbling on knödel in an Alto Adige chalet to exploring souk-like market streets in Sicily, the choices are as diverse as they are seductive. Then there’s the country’s incomparable artistic treasures, which amount to more than the rest

of the world put together. It’s hard not to feel a little envious sometimes, but it’s even harder not to fall madly in love.


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France has been residence for two decades yet I still experience on holiday – French art de vivre (art of living) is just too good. From my Haute-Savoie house on Lake Geneva’s southern shore, the Jura’s dark-green hills and un café in the wisteria-draped village bar are my wake-up call. Vacations of unlimited prospects punctuate the gentle moveof village life: art museums in Lyon and Paris, Alpine hiking and skiing, paddle boarding on the glittering lake, road trips to Beaujolais and Burgundy and other regions so different they could be another country. France’s sheer variety is amazing.


The life that courses relentlessly through the streets here always produces in me a feeling that this is a place where anything can happen. Here, the passions of Spain’s people are the fabric of daily life; this is a country with music in its soul, a love of fine food and wild landscapes, and a special talent for celebrating all the good things in life.


Truth be told, I had to leave my home country of Germany to learn to love it. From my new perch in Los Angeles, I returned time and again, criss-crossing the land on my travels between the wind-caressed North Sea and the jagged Alpine peaks. I’ve cycled through enchanting river valleys, experienced the best beer and wine, partied to techno till sunrise and stood in wonder before sites that have shaped the course of history. After 15 years of discoveries, I could no longer resist the temptations of this gorgeous, complex and forever changing country, and decamped to Berlin for good. I haven’t looked back.

cities in Europe


One of the world’s leading cultural, financial, and political centers, this city offers visitors a comprehensive transportation system and easy access to well-known museums, galleries, monuments, public squares, restaurants, and shops.


Perhaps the ultimate destination for romantic Europe holidays, the City of Light features a lengthy list of Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as some of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world, like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.


The birthplace of the Roman Empire, this modern metropolis combines an immensely rich historical heritage with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, which many visitors choose to experience at one of the city’s vibrant piazzas.

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