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Plan Your Holidays in the Land Of Mountains

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By:  Shubhi Gupta

Are you looking towards spending your holidays in some exotic destination outside India? Well, might be going for European cruise will be a bit pricey but if you desire the same facilities and at a budget within your pocket then choose the Bhutan holidays package.

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Why Bhutan?

Bhutan is rightly called the land of mountain and clouds. A neighboring country to India, Bhutan will fulfill your desire of accomplishing a trekking tour, water rafting, ecological tour or a family holiday package. In case you are looking for a family holiday, you can book for a seven, eleven or even a fourteen-day trip with your preferred tour agency. Moreover, if you are looking towards a spiritual and wellness tour, then Bhutan will be the best destination.

Explore some incredible sites

While you are planning to buy the Bhutan holidays package, prefer to visit destination like Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Monastery). From minimum time duration of 5 days, you may opt for Bhutan’s monasteries, temples, museums, and fortresses.  You may go for a hike to some mountains and explore the local culture. To interact with the locals, you should make a plan during the festivals. Prefer a culture tour for this purpose. Buddhism is the dominant religion here. Don’t miss the National Museum of Bhutan (Ta Dzong), Buddha Point and Fortress of Glorious Religion. You may be lucky to see some rare animals like blue sheep or Darjeeling Woodpecker. Bhutan attracts thousands of visitors during Thimpu festival, Paro festival, Punakha festival and Jakar Festival.

Bhutan is a place for adventurous tourist

If you are adventurous by nature, then you must opt for Bhutan holidays package that will involve trekking in the rough mountains. The best time for trekking is from March to May and again from September to November. Among trek for the dare devil types, most popular are the Jomalakari trek, Laya Gasa Trek, Dagala thousand lakes trek and the Snowman Trek. Apart from trekking, there are adventurous tours like hiking, mountain climbing, motorcycling, rafting and kayaking trip which attracts thousands of young blood.

Blessed with the best flora and fauna, Bhutan can be rightly regarded as the best photography tour. The travel agents arrange for group tours, educational trips, ecological trips, spiritual and wellness trips and well as honeymoon trips. Get a relaxing soak in mineral water, allow yourself a hot spring bath or you might get yourself a remedy treat in traditional medicine ( Sowa Rigpa), you will be relieved of all ailment like arthritis, body aches, and other diseases.  There are some dos and don’ts while you are in Bhutan. You are not allowed to smoke near religious places or wear skimpy clothes. Shorts are not allowed since the people are a bit respectful towards religion.  Throwing garbage anywhere is restricted and taking photographs inside religious places like monasteries, gompas and temples are regarded as an evil practice. You may savor the uninterrupted time and then return to your regular life.  You will cherish the time spent in Bhutan.

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