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Lake Pichola – One of the Most Popular Place In Udaipur

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By:  Kamal Nayan

Everybody knows that Udaipur is the romantic gateway of India and the City of Lakes but the brilliance and delight come from the stunning lakes of Udaipur. Among them, the maximum crucial and most important enchantment for Udaipur tourism is Lake Pichola. It is ordinary; if we hear approximately udaipur the first thing moves in our head is Lake Pichola. If you want to visit these places in Udaipur hire a taxi service in Jodhpur and go to explore these places in Udaipur.

Now we are going to talk about the great sights around Lake Pichola.

About Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is an artificial lake that was built in the 14th century and it’s far one of the most popular places in Udaipur. It is located inside the midst of lush green hills and with the grand palaces, temples, washing ghats, and monuments. In a unmarried word, it’s far the high traveler spot for travelers in Udaipur.

The key attractions in and around this lake are Taj Palace, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, City Palace, and Arsi Vilas Island. Totally there are 4 islands in this lake which might be essential attractions for travelers.

The Four Islands of Lake Pichola

These four islands of Lake Pichola are the key sights and they may be Jag Niwas Island, Jag Mandir Island, Mohan Mandir Island, and Arsi Vilas Island. In these islands, distinct royal mansions, and sanctuaries are there. In these islands, you could take a look at many captivating realities of Udaipur royal kings.

1. Jag Niwas Island

Jagniwas Island Udaipur
Jagniwas Island Udaipur

Jag Niwas is located on the middle factor of Lake Pichola and it is domestic to Udaipur’s popular castle known as “Lake Palace” or “Taj Palace”. This extremely good royal palace changed into worked via Maharaja Jagat Singh as a royal summer time retreat and later it changed into modified over into 5-megastar palace hotel in Udaipur.

This Lake Palace is one of the excellent and well-known five-celebrity lavish accommodations in Udaipur by means of the Taj institution. At this royal palace, you’ll be hypnotized with splendid architectural design and the historical backdrop of the citadel through numerous topics and associated things to illustrious households.

Lake Palace is the first-class inn to stop in Udaipur and can experience the health lots inside the middle of Lake Pichola. It gives all centers and necessities at any time with 24 hours of the commercial enterprise middle and remarkable location to relax like a pool, convention middle, bar, and café and extra.

2. Jag Mandir Island

jagmandir island udaipur
Jagmandir island Udaipur

Jag Mandir is another Island in Lake Pichola and it might appear that a marble palace is floating on the lake. It was named after to the honour of Maharana Jagat Singh as “Jagat Mandir” and furthermore known as “Lake Garden Palace”. This high-quality royal palace turned into constructed in the 17th century.

Traveler can arrive at this spot with the assist of boats from the Bansi Ghat. From the place to begin of the fortress to the give up, you can see a amazing marble use in this royal palace. Here in this palace, you could experience the architectural styles of Rajputs and the white marble elephant structures welcoming travelers are the best layout.

The actual points of interest of Jag Mandir Palace are the Gul Mahal and a little gallery. Gul Mahal seems extraordinarily high-quality encompassed with purple and darkish marbles condos with wall artwork and compositions.

3. Mohan Mandir Island

Mohan Mandir Island has included a temple constructed by using Jagat Singh in the 17th century. This monument resembles a temple but there was no divinity in it. As indicated with the aid of records, this landmark become labored in memory of the unofficial infant of Maharana Jagat Singh. What’s greater, the ruler applied this web site to observe the Gangaur birthday celebration festivities.

At present this spot became taken by the country authorities and it is currently a competition spot for Ganguar celebration. During the birthday party of Ganguar, you could witness massive amounts of firecrackers on this Island.

4. Arsi Vilas Island

Arsi Vilas is the maintain-going Island located on the west shoreline of Lake Pichola at the back of Jag Niwas. This Island comprises a palace and now as a retreat place for birds. Arsi Vilas changed into construction with the aid of Maharana Arsi Singh to realize the excellence of Lake Pichola throughout sunset. What’s greater, If you watch Arsi Vilas has a lower degree which fills in as a helipad moreover.

A gift, this palace became transformed right into a hen sanctuary. Many migratory birds forestall right here like kingfishers, coots, tufted ducks, terns, egrets, and cormorants. Arsi Vilas is an exquisite spot to peer many migratory and rare birds.

These are the four conspicuous islands of Lake Pichola with many fascinating sights and matters to visualize the royal instances of Udaipur.

Outside of the Lake Pichola

Attractions to be visible outdoor of the Lake Palace are immense like City Palace, Havelis, and Swaroop Sagar Bridge and so on.

1. City Palace

City Palace Udaipur
City Palace Udaipur

City Palace is a huge monument and some other most important enchantment of Udaipur at the banks of Lake Pichola. There is a ton you could find in City Palace considering the fact that it’s far complicated of diverse palaces and sanctuaries to be particular Monsoon Palace, Jagdish Temple, and so on. Here in this complicated palace, you could see the blended architectural sorts of Rajasthani, Chinese, European, and Mughal.

City Palace is moreover one of the maximum essential places in Udaipur on the banks of Lake Pichola.

2. Unique Havelis

At the banks of Lake Pichola, there are many extremely good Havelis. Some are changed over into historical past lodges and a few have remained. Among them, Bagore Ki Haveli is the essential one as it has a museum, and every night it leads a cultural display.

3. Swaroop Sagar Bridge

Lake Pichola could be very an awful lot related to a huge variety of little lakes in Udaipur. Among them, Swaroop Sagar is one and this scaffold was advanced at the meeting point of Lake Pichola and Swaroop Sagar. This decorative bridge become constructed via the ruler Swaroop Sagar.

These are some prominent places of hobby and most you can respect the lavish greenery of Aravalli hills.

Best time to Visit

The quality time to visit Lake Pichola implies from October to March. During this time Udaipur is so fascinating with chilling climate and rainfalls. What’s extra, the great time for boat rides is from morning 9 AM to six PM.

Step by step instructions to reach

The closest airport to arriving at Lake Pichola is Udaipur airport or Maharana Pratap airport, 22 km ways far away from Udaipur, you can also book a Jodhpur taxi. Also, the rest of the ways may be very a good deal linked to the town. In this manner, you could without difficulty attain to Lake Pichola through taxi or public transport.

Last Updated: 25th March 2022

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