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Beauty of Brahmatal Trek – Travel Places India

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By:  Shalini Sharma

If you’re looking for that perfect jaw-dropping snowy trek with a lot of exoticism to add to your Travel calendar, we’ve got the right option for you. The Brahmatal Trek, an incredibly beautiful yet adventurous and safe trek best done in the winter, is very popular among recent trekkers after KEDARKANTHA, DAYRA BUGYAL, and so on. Whether it’s the White Mystic Snow-covered Mountains that give you a full ‘Frozen’ movie feel during the winters, or the Golden Mountains that give away their most precious shine during the springs and autumns.

Prepare to be wowed by two of the most beautiful lakes on this trek: Bekaltal and Brahmatal. Not to be forgotten is the constant accompaniment of the massif of Mt. Trishul and Nandaghunti Peaks, as well as the various species of flora and fauna that will awe you at every stage of your journey. Enjoy snowfalls starting from Lohajung – the trek’s base summit – during the winter. The snow-capped canopies of the Rhododendrons are the best scenic beauty of the entire trek!

Beauty of Brahmatal Trek:

Brahmatal Trek is one of the most popular treks among trekkers, particularly beginners. The hike, on the other hand, is Easy to Moderate. It tests you with easy curvy trails at first, followed by steep snowy paths as you progress. Enjoy the snow-covered villages nestled in the lap of the Himalayas in the district of Chamoli, Uttarakhand, during the winters. Mythologically, ‘Brahmatal,’ as it is known, has an ancient history running down its heart.

Lord Brahma is said to have meditated here for several years, hence the name. This beautiful snow abode will astound you with its lush vegetation of Rhododendrons and Oaks. The entire trail is covered in such forest trees, making you fall in love with your surroundings over and over again. Endless Rhododendron and oak trees can be seen starting from Bekaltal. The countless number of photos, enough to fill a yearbook, can be enjoyed. The beautiful hospitality provided by the locals will assist you in getting a peaceful night’s sleep in the Himalayan mountains. Enchant yourself with this mystical forest trek and enjoy the fantasy land.

Best Time To Visit:

Winters (December-March): The best thing about the Brahmatal Trek is that it is the only winter trek that is open from December to March. This is thought to be the best time to go on the Brahmatal trek. During the cold winter months, daytime temperatures should range from 0°C to 2°C. Temperatures may drop to around -5°C to -10°C at night. After a long day of hiking, chilly nights necessitate some proper warm clothing and a clean pair of warm socks.

Furthermore, you can gaze out your tent window at the snow-covered mountains all day while sipping a hot cup of tea.

Summer/Autumn/Spring (May-October): The weather is pleasant during the day, with a cool breeze keeping you refreshed the entire time. Temperatures during this time vary depending on height or altitude, as snow patches may appear in the higher peaks but not in the lower ranges, as in the winter.

One cannot imagine seeing the entire galaxy of stars right after the golden sunset amidst the valleys with a mild cool breeze soothing your mind and soul.


Our trekkers’ health is always important to us. It’s a walk that ranges from easy to moderate.

Always use local guides or package guides as they are the most familiar with the route and weather. It is also preferable to plan such a trip with a larger group of people because it adds safety as well as more fun and thrill.

Our guides, as well as our tents, are always equipped with First Aid kits.

To keep the trekkers mentally and physically strong, proper vegetarian meals, including eggs, are provided.

There is also an option for immediate emergency assistance. If a person has AMS, he or she will be taken to the nearest village hospital right away.

Proper trekking gear, such as boots, will be provided as needed. Microspikes for shoes and gaiters for snow trekking Though we may provide some of the other necessities, it is recommended that you bring your own sticks and gears.

Trekkers should still bring their own medications for nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach problems, or AMS.

Carry lightweight backpacks because they add weight to the body. Carry enough light clothing as well as warmers, including at least four pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves. Trekking shoes and outfits are required to be worn. Make certain that all of these are waterproof.

How to Reach:

Dehradun can be reached via airport – Jolly Grant Airport (Dehradun), which is well connected with most major cities, or from Delhi.

If someone wants to be picked up from Lohajung, they can take a train from Dehradun or Delhi to Kathgodam and then hire a cab or taxi until Lohajung Road – One can reach Dehradun by road from Delhi, the main metropolitan city, by taking a cab, bus, or a train like the ‘Jan Shatabdi.’

Last Updated: 27th June 2022

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