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A detailed guide on the Chadar trek

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A detailed guide on the Chadar trek

1. What is Chadar Trek:

Chadar Trek is an exciting journey on the frozen Zanskar River in the heart of the formidable mountains of Ladakh, India. This is a spectacular night hike in extreme weather conditions, with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. It is considered one of the most thrilling and stimulating winter hikes in the world. Tours include hiking on frozen icebergs during the day and camping near caves at night.

The Chadar trek offers a great opportunity to explore the ancient culture of Zanskar, a mixture of Tibetan and Indian cultures. Additionally, hikers can also find exotic animals such as blue sheep and ibex that can be located in icy environments. Check out these details and tips for a successful expedition.

2. How was Chadar Trek discovered?

Between November and February, the Zanskar district of Ladakh was almost completely isolated from the main towns of Leh, and the inhabitants were stuck unconnected. The people of Zanskar have begun to overcome this problem by utilizing the sole path of walking the frozen Zanskar River. Villagers have learned to confront sub-zero temperatures and difficult terrain and reach nearby Leh for basic items, healthcare, and various needs. This seasonal route is called a chadar when the frozen Zanskar River appears as a layer of ice (chadar).

When the adventurous community discovers this traditional route, they encounter similar difficulties and challenges that locals face and want to see stunning scenery that can only be seen in frigid weather. The thirst to discover what walking on a frozen river resulted in the birth of Chadar Trek. This trip is also known as a frozen river trip. This is considered one of the most difficult hikes in India.

3. Why do I need to do Chadder Trek?

Despite the difficulties, Chadar Trek is surely one of the must-try treks. When you pick up a travel magazine, you will see innumerable photos of people walking on a frosted river in extreme circumstances. This seemingly unlikely scenario is the heart of a trip to Chadar.

The activity of walking on an iced river is unique. The ride is beautiful and the frozen river gives an incredibly calm and attractive place in a tranquil atmosphere.

The true magic is at your feet, and you can hardly see anything as extraordinary as a frozen river that stretches to the naked eye. A fascinating panoramic view as you walk will give you a mental image that you will keep forever.

This trip is a way to recharge your battery and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The highest point of trekking in the beautiful frozen waterfall near the village of Nérac. Hidden between this beautiful village is the natural formation of a 50-foot-high frozen waterfall masterpiece, which can only be seen incredibly.

The success of this difficult route gives hikers unparalleled satisfaction and well-being. If you are an adventure enthusiast and ready to challenge the harshest conditions, you cannot ignore frozen river trekking.

However, be prepared with a few caveats in mind before embarking on this difficult journey.

4. What difficulties can you encounter?

Getting used to extreme weather conditions is a big challenge for Chadar trek. Second, Leh (the starting point of the trek) is 11,300 feet above sea level, so you should be aware of how to handle altitude sickness and how to handle it.

The hike is long and demanding and can be tiring for some walkers, requiring high durability and ability. High-grade physical shape and skills are what you need to develop before going to Chadar Trek. Cardiovascular exercise at least weeks before travel is very important. Training should also include strength and flexibility training.

5. Important Tips for Hiking with Chadar

When hiking takes courage in the face of the thrill, there are a few things hikers should and shouldn’t consider. Below are the tips for Chadar Trek.

Notify your family and close friends of the excursion schedule and date. This is useful if you need to relocate in an extremity. Provide contact details for hikers and group leaders if possible.

Bring plenty of warm clothing and rain apparel. At night, temperatures can drop to minus 35 degrees Celsius. Learn how to stay warm while on the Chadar Trek Ladakh.

Bring your favorite (healthy) snacks as you may not like local foods and you will not run out of power due to undernourishment.

On the first day of the hike, you get accustomed to walking on ice and tend to slip and fall frequently, causing bruises and cuts. So take a first aid kit and medication with you.

Things you shouldn’t do with the Chadder Trek

Don’t throw unwanted wrappers, tissues, and clothing anywhere. This ruins the experience of everyone with you and everyone who’ll come after you.

The trail has a fascinating panorama and it is the liability of all hikers to preserve its beauty.

Do not go to the toilet by the river. Local people use this water for drinking and washing clothes. Therefore, you have to keep it clean. The very water is used by the kitchen staff for cooking.

Respect the peace of the area and do not scream or play recorded music at a high volume.

Never ignore the advice and directions given by your guide during the tour.

Do not skip meals. The afternoon lunch gives you a lot of energy, and dinner helps provide enough heat to your body.

Chadar Trek is a whole experience of walking through various terrains to finally come to meet the frozen river that waits for you to walk on it. Sometimes you can even come across frozen waterfalls and even frozen bubbles in the chilled river. It’s advisable to go on the trek when the river is fully frozen in peak winters which will ensure that you have a sound landing to talk on. This experience will open your eyes to the beauty of Ladakh and while on your way back home, Its image will be forever imprinted in your mind.

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