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12 places to visit in Manali in 2021

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By:  Priti Kumari

Whether you are looking for a destination to visit for a family trip or a trip with friends, Manali is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations. The hill station is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful place offers eye-catching views and panoramic landscapes of snow-covered mountains all around. In winters the place receives heavy snowfall while in summers the grounds are covered with lush green vegetation. All over the place is perfect for spending vacations. Most people are confused in selecting the places to visit in Manali, below given are the 12 best places to visit in Manali in 2021:

#1 Solang Valley

Lying around 25 km from Manali, the Solang is famous for its snowy appearance. During winters the beautiful place receives heavy snowfall that makes it a hub for various snow activities like skiing, snowmobile riding, snow fighting, paragliding and many more. Enjoy the ultimate experience at Solang valley during your Manali Holiday package

#2 Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Devi temple is known for its wooden architecture. The temple is devoted to the goddess Hidimba and was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh. The temple is surrounded by a dense forest of deodar and cedar trees and snow-covered mountains in the background. The religious place is the perfect destination for your trip. 

#3 Jogini Waterfalls

The summer beauty of Manali, Jogini falls is located near the town of Manali. You are supposed to trek the forest to reach Jogini Falls. The panoramic views of the waterfall will attract the eye of travellers and it will be worth your trip to Manali. The down area of the waterfall is perfect for camping and famous for a picnic don’t for travellers. Visit it with your friends and family and enjoy a freshwater bath. 

#4 The Manali Gompa

One of the ancient Tibetan architecture and is located in the panoramic area of Manali, the Gompa offers breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and crystal clear sky. The historical significance of Tibetan culture combined with natural beauty to form this glamorous place of tourist interest. The area around Gompa is better known for selfie points due to the enormous landscapes all around. 

#5 Manu Temple

Manu temple is another architectural wonder of Manali. The glance of the temple will attract thousands of tourists from all over the world including India. You are supposed to hike a little distance to reach the temple. During your trip to Manali make sure to check out Manu Temple for the ultimate pleasure and joy of ancient structures. 

#6 Bhrigu Lake                         

The high altitude lake is located at the height of about 4000 feet from sea level. In winters the lais freeze but during summers the lake becomes a paradise as it is surrounded by green meadows and crystal clear freshwater. The Pir Pranjal mountain range around the lake provides breathtaking views to visitors. Must visit the lake during your Manali Holiday package

#7 Nehru Kund

It is one of the major tourist attractions in Manali, it is named after the first prime minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru. The natural spring offers freshwater to the local inhabitants and you are supposed to enjoy numerous species of birds and animals along with dense vegetation of deodar and meadows. The stream is a dream destination for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

#8  Hampta Pass

One of the Himalayan treks, located in Manali. The beautiful pass offers beautiful landscapes of Kullu valley and Lahaul Spiti. Following the Hampta pass, you are supposed to reach Chandratal Lake at Pir Panjal mountain range. The pass provides fascinating river crossings. Make sure to trek the high pass and enjoy the adventurous activity in Manali. 

#9 Arjun Gufa

Arjun Cave, popularly known as Arjun Gufa. The cave lies near the flowing currents of the Beas river. The cave is devoted to Arjuna of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Now it is developed as a picnic spot. Best for your family stay and spend personal time. The stunning views of hills and surrounding valleys will make it worth your Manali Holiday package. The Kunti Mata temple lies near Arjuna Cave is another attraction for tourists. 

#10 Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

It is one of the most silent and peaceful locations in Manali. The temple is located in the middle of Manali town. The beauty of its Buddhist style architecture and mystical allure is not described in words. While your visit to the temple, make sure to spin the prayer wheels and get blessings from Lord Buddhi for a better future. 

#11 Van Vihar

It is recommended to spend a moment at Van Vihar park in Manali town. It is considered one of the most attractive locations in Manali. The park is loaded with peace and high deodar trees that you can review. In winter the trees are loaded with snow that makes them look elegant. The dense vegetation of the park is perfect for photoshoots 

#12 Vashisht Hot Water Spring

Want to bathe in a freshwater hot spring? Visit Vashisht Temple, you are supposed to enjoy a warm bath at a hot water spring. It has a great spiritual and religious importance in Hindu Culture. The temple is surrounded by local markets offering various antiques and handicrafts at a cheap price. Take your time and visit the beautiful and ancient temple once.it will be worth your Manali Holiday package.

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