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For your journey to the North East, these are the top 5 resorts to consider

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By:  Jigyasa Rathore

Northeast India is one uncharted region that boasts breathtaking views. The snow-covered mountains and the tranquil surroundings, and the lush greenery are sure to inspire you to a higher level. You would certainly like to get time to learn the best tips in this pure and unadulterated environment. The best method to execute this is to spend your time at a resort. The resorts provide beyond just a place to stay and maybe why many travellers choose to stay there. Another benefit of staying at a lodge is it grants the opportunity to try your options for various activities that let you be the sporty part of yourself. Resorts offer the possibility of taking a trip into the wild and getting involved in farming, fishing, and other exciting activities, which will create a unique place in your mind. If you’re looking for the best resorts to kick off your journey in the Northeast, This list will assist you in making your trip enjoyable and relaxing. Please find out more about them.

#1Eco Adventure resort

What could be more satisfying and more relaxing than camping in tents or cottages with views of the stunning landscape with an adventurous vibe? This Eco-Adventure resort is similar to this feeling, which makes it among the top sought-after accommodations in the Northeast. In a small area known as Purulia, the resort is, as its name implies, the stage for exploring various activities like biking and trekking. A small water area also permits fishing, angling, and kayaking to provide an exciting experience. One of the most attractive feature of the resort is it gives the perfect mix of adventure and comfort, making it a cult destination. It is possible to cook and campfire in the company of your family and friends, making memories that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, it’s stocked with modern facilities to ensure your stay is relaxing.

#2 Hotel Lilawati Grand

Another of the top resorts to stay at in the North-East for your next trip. The resort is situated in the picturesque Guwahati location. If you’re in search of an exquisite luxury room hotel, then this is the right choice for you. Pan Bazar and Fancy Bazar are two of the most well-known markets in Guwahati and are just a few steps from the hotel. Explore the stunning Guwahati area and relish the delights and relaxing evenings. The hotel provides luxurious conveniences, a spa fitness centre, free WiFi rooms, room service and bathrooms with showers attached to every room. There is no need to be bothered about your vehicle. Take advantage of the free parking that can accommodate 30 cars. Serves you delicious Indian and Chinese food. Are you looking to take in the natural beauty of Nehra park, which is just 5 minutes walking away? All over the resort is worth the Northeast tour packages.

#3 Manohari the Tea Retreat

The most sought-after and luxurious resorts are located in the Northeast of India. The resort is 14 minutes away from Dibrugarh Airport. If you’re looking for delicious meals and facilities of the highest quality, this resort is the perfect location for your family and you. The resort offers top-of-the-line amenities like accessible WiFi bathrooms with showers, room service, and LED TVs that include all satellite channels, AC, heaters and humidifiers in every room. If you’re married and looking for the security of a safe place to spend your honeymoon, then the resort is ideal for you. They provide top-of-the-line comfort and privacy. The Attacked restaurant offers excellent Indian and Chinese meals to your loved ones and complimentary coffee, bottled water and tea at a low cost. The hotel will make your stay enjoyable and comfortable and leave a memorable experience for you and your family.

#4 Hotel Chahar Club By Siara

In addition to the restaurant, the hotel offers clean and dry 24-hour front desk service. It provides amenities of free WiFi and a secure parking area with over 40 bedrooms with a ballroom, luxurious pillows, rooms equipped with LED TVs with every satellite channel, complimentary bottles of water and room service that is available all hours of the day. Explore the delectable Indian and North-eastern dishes that you like. Take in the breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains as well as the clear night sky, with sparkling stars and the moonlight that will create a lasting memory. This resort is ideal for your wedding and family vacation. If you are looking to experience new sports, you should visit the closest riverbank, Silchar. Experience river rafting or other water activities with loved ones in the stunning setting in Silchar city.

#5 Radisson Blu Hotel

The contemporary design of this hotel is a centre of attention for visitors. It is situated in Guwahati. As part of your stay, you will be served by 3 restaurants and a full-service spa. Take a dip in the pool that is heated or cold water. The hotel provides guests with free internet access, complimentary toiletries, a bathroom with a rain showerhead, a hairdryer, and other hygiene amenities. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment with 50 LED televisions. In addition to the amenities, you can also enjoy the stunning view from Guwahati landscapes, treatments in the full-service spa facials and massages, and a restaurant service in the rooms that serves tasty Indian and Assam food. The luxurious resort is an absolute must for any trip you plan to. North-east tour packages It promises a beautiful and unforgettable time spent with your family and friends.

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