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Rain Lover place | Best Time to Visit

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Canyon of Laitlum

Combine an afternoon journey to the sacred wooded area of Mawphlang with Laitlum Canyon, which you may sense when you have reached the top of the world. It is handiest approximately an hour south of Shillong and an hour and a 1/2 of east of Mawphlang at the Jap hills of Khasi. If you could keep away from searching through the open expanse of the gorge, you could cross down a steep staircase to the village of Rasong. The about 350 population of this far-off village rely upon a country pulley to move meals and different vital objects throughout the valley.

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Best time to Visit Canyon of Laitlum

Laitlum Canyons continue to be on hand from 6:00 AM inside the morning to 5:00 PM inside the evening. A fine time to go to its miles with inside the afternoon hours when you consider that in the course of morning and evening, the locations are included with fog and one cannot seize clean views.

Caves of Mawsmai

The Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya in Cherrapunji is domestic to the longest cave structures in India. The Mawsmai Cave is some of the maximum on hand of those and has grown to be one of the must-go-to locations to go to in Cherrapunji. A hundred and fifty m lengthy cave is an awesome instance of the cave device and best for creation to the wonderful international of caving.

Best time to Visit Caves of Mawsmai

Cherrapunjee is sopping wet with rainfall all yr spherical so that you can without problems tour to the metropolis almost every time of the year. One desires to be completely deliberate for the damp climate with umbrellas, raincoats, and additionally boots to save you getting wet.


Many mysterious monoliths may be located scattered at the hills of Khasi and Jaintia of Meghalaya, erected through the tribes of the areas as an image of remembrance. However, the most important series is placed close to the village of Nartiang inside the Jaintia Hills, approximately hours east of Shillong. This metropolis became the summertime season capital of the rulers of Jaintia and is a lesser-regarded vacationer destination, ideal for escaping the crowds. Some of the numerous monoliths can attain 10 meters in height!

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Best time to Visit Monoliths

Monoliths being a really moist area reports quick summers, relatively lengthy monsoons, or even longer winters. Summers are slightly making it the ideal time to go to the place. Monsoons make visiting this area extraordinarily hard, and the winters are chilling with a minimum temperature of four tiers Celsius.

Mawryngkhang Bamboo Trek

Thrill-seekers will love the brand new Mawryngkhang Trek, which opened in 2017. It begins off evolved out from Wahkhen village, approximately hours south of Shillong withinside the East Khasi Hills, and could take you to the pinnacle of big Mawryngkhang — the legendary “King of Stones”. The path extends over a chain of related bamboo bridges constructed through locals and terrifyingly hugs the aspect of a big sheer rock-face in part. Below is a deep gorge and river. Although the trek is pretty clean and may be finished in or 3 hours, truly bypass it in case you are frightened of heights! There are not any resorts inside the area, so you may go back to Shillong or Cherrapunji on an identical day.

Best time to Visit Mawryngkhang Bamboo Trek

The first-rate time for the Mawryngkhang trek is surely the wintry weather months. The trails might be dry and much less slippery in contrast to that during monsoon. Also, the climate might be cooler and conducive for the trek. During the monsoons, the path will become slippery and a piece volatile as well. Nevertheless, you could revel in the trek in any season.

Garo Hills

If you’re a nature lover who desires to assume an outdoor box, head to the densely wooded hills of Garo inside the western part of Meghalaya. This substantial location is domestic to the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, and Balpakhram National Park. It is pristine and complete of biodiversity, consisting of masses of butterfly species. Tura, the second-biggest metropolis inside the country after Shillong, has a beneficial traveler workplace that can prepare publications and tours.

Best time to Visit Garo Hills

Tura is the largest town in this region and is the best option for travellers looking for accommodation within the Garo hills.

Lalong Park

It is one of the pleasant locations to go to in Meghalaya in case you need to spend enjoyable moments at some point in your holidays. This park is positioned 10 km from Jowai. It became a hidden gem inside the past. Today, the range of humans traveling this place has improved repeatedly. This park has numerous trekking trails. Enjoy trekking, picnics, fishing, and enjoyment walks inside the lush park. From the park, you’ve got got an awesome view of the valley and the Myndtu River.

Summer (March-May):

One of the maximum perfect seasons to discover Jowai, summers witness heat and fine climate with temperatures averaging 22-30⁰C and occasional humidity ranges that permit traffic to revel in the outside sights in Jowai to their heart’s content. This moderate season lasts for only some months earlier than the advent of lots of longer-lasting monsoons.

Monsoon (June – October):

Monsoons in Jowai are related to heavy rainfall and aren’t the satisfactory time for vacationers to plot a visit. The heavy rains carry massive splendor to the area and its inexperienced landscapes, however, the roads can get treacherous and make traveling on this part of the kingdom pretty unstable in the course of this time. Apart from the rains, the climate is fine however the humidity ranges stay high.

Winter (November – February):

The wintry weather season in Jowai may be mild to intense cold; temperatures variety between 10-20⁰C, with January being the chilliest month of the season while temperatures can dip as little as 4⁰C. Tourists love touring Jowai in the course of the winters to revel in its cool weather and misty landscapes. Carry ok woolens if making plans for a journey in the course of those months.

Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Culture

Meghalaya isn’t always only a depend on nature. Culture is likewise a fundamental part of the region. Visit the middle to discover the museum. The Museum’s Collections and artifacts give an Explanation for the Records and satisfaction of the kingdom and the six sister regions. There is a large library inside, open for vacationers to discover. If you want adventure, select the boardwalk to revel in an imposing view of the city. Skywalk offers a stunning view of the location as well.

Best time to Visit Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Culture

Don Bosco Museum in Meghalaya is a large crowd puller. Numerous human beings go to this vicinity for watching the way of life of Meghalaya and the improvements all through distinct durations of time. It may be visited at some stage in the year.

Umiam lake

Located inside the Ri Bhoi district, it’s miles one in every of Meghalaya’s iciness destinations. From October to February, the lake can be complete of plant life and the area can be very picturesque. During the summertime season months, the water degree can be very low, you may locate small islands right here and there inside the lake region. After the wet season, the lake is full of clean water and the area will become very picturesque with greenery. In iciness, you may experience many water sports in this lake. The price of nautical sports is pretty expensive. If you need to locate a financial activity, pick out a collection rowing boat to experience the lake at sunset. It is one of the most romantic locations in Meghalaya.

Best time to Visit Umiam lake

The high-quality time to Visit Umiam Lake is between March and June because the climate is first-rate to discover the region.

Church of all saints

The history and the church make this vicinity worth a postcard image. The place across the church will become lush with fresh, darkish herbs all through the winter. Walking across the church in the garden is a splendid outside activity. The church is well-known for its architectural beauty, its woodworking, and others. This Anglia church is positioned in one of the famous spots of Meghalaya.

Best time to Visit Church of all saints

Meghalaya is heaven on this planet with its lush valleys, pristine waterfalls, and otherworldly perspectives inside the monsoon. Be it the with no trouble heat days withinside the summertime season or the lovely cherry blossom bushes of their complete high in autumn, the choice as to while to move to this nation is yours.

The climate performs a very critical position in finding out while to go to your preferred excursion destination. We, at Thomas Cook, will assist you to attain a knowledgeable choice via way of means of telling you what every season has in save for you. The best time to tour can handiest be determined when you weigh all of the execs and cons of every season. We have additionally indexed down the precautionary measures which you need to take earlier than you head out; be it summertime season, monsoon, autumn, or winter.

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Peak Season – Temperatures Variety from 16°C and 31°C with inside the top season. This is among the months of April and June. The agreeable climate permits you to move outside and discover the hamlet. Summer in Meghalaya helps you to experience the quality of each world. Be it enjoyable together along with your own circle of Relatives’ interior or heading out on an adventure.

Shoulder Season – November to March

Low Season – July to October


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