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5 Incredible Places to Visit for Celebrating Holi in India

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Awaited and exciting festival, Holi in India is a colorful and vibrant festival that splashes the vibrant colors with whole heart and happiness. With several best places to celebrate Holi Festival in India, one can bathe in its unparalleled festive fervor. The choice of places to visit for Holi celebrations in India also varies as per the experiences you are looking for. There are several activities and Holi traditions that are celebrated as per the ancient customs followed all across the country. Marking the onset of the harvesting season and spring, Holi infuses the atmosphere of anarchic joy.

Guzzling bhang thandai, Holika dahan, gorging sweets, DJ parties, and musical performances, all set the mood for an exciting Holi Celebration. Colorful parades, royal celebrations, temple rituals, everything will make the Holi festival Tour Package something really exciting to experience in the city. Yet, India witnesses a huge influx of international tourists, especially during this festival.

5 Best Places to Celebrate Holi Festival in India

  1. Mathura –

Holi in Mathura is much glorified and this is all because of some obvious reasons. Why won’t a place be famous for the festival that has its roots there? Mathura is known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the place that holds some evidence of his miracles. Mathura is the largest sought-after place by devotees, most especially during Holi. Temples in Mathura host elaborate events to celebrate it with utmost fervor and enthusiasm.

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  1. Vrindavan –

Lord Krishna’s playland – Vrindavan is highly revered by Hindus and frequented all through the year. Holi in Vrindavan is an auspicious occasion that receives a huge influx of Vaishnavas. The epicenter of the Holi celebrations in Vrindavan is Banke Bihari Temple where you can embark on Mathura Vrindavan Tour Package. The merry-making continues for a week that commences with flower splashes or phoolon ki Holi and concludes with a riot of colors, a day before Holi.

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  1. Agra –

Celebrating Holi Festival in Agra sets the city at the pinnacle of festive fervor. The Indian festival is celebrated with much zeal and gusto in Agra that brings forth colorful opportunities to get indulge in. As everyone gulps glasses of bhang and delight in playing with colors, you know that the celebratory mode is at its peak. Like other destinations of India, the festivity kick starts with the bonfire on the full moon night, and the next day people celebrate Holi.

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  1. Udaipur –

To witness or experience the Holi celebration in royal style, do embark on a visit to Udaipur. Holi in Udaipur is an imperial affair that involves the participation of royal families. The celebrations begin with Holika Dahan where the head of the royal family lights the ceremonial bonfire. The locals perform Gair – a Rajasthani traditional folk dance around the bonfire. Thereafter, the royal procession takes off from Shambhu Niwas Palace and concludes at Manek Chowk. During the procession, the royals are seated on bedecked elephants, horses, and camels.

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  1. Jaipur –

The capital city of Rajasthan Jaipur celebrates Holi with utmost gala and fervor. It is hosted by the royal family to support local charities. Programs here include customary Rajasthani Folk Music and dance along with a decent gulal play. At the Govind Devji Temple in the City Palace, a devotional atmosphere is created where idols of Krishna and Radha are offered marigold flowers.

Splashed by a host of happening places to celebrate Holi in India, one can never go wrong with the choice of place chooses. So, choose the suitable one of these 10 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India to celebrate the joy with colors that paint your skin and tint your soul with happiness.

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