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Chennai: The gateway to the south

If you feel like the continuous hustle and bustle of life in Delhi is very monotonous and stresses you, then you should head to the south of India. There are many places down south that are worth a visit, among these places the city of Chennai is a prime destination for tourists. It is also in close vicinity to the nearby union territory of Pondicherry, which is known for their spectacular beaches and French quarters. Chennai itself has a lot to offer. Some of the longest beaches in the world are in Chennai and one can also find a great number of tall marvellous temples in the city. 

It is often a place of pilgrimage with more than a few famous temples but regardless of religious beliefs one and all are welcome in these temples. The local cuisine is also fantastic, their flavours can leave you spellbound and wanting for more. It is far different from any offering in the North and one can see it in the distinctness of the flavours. Whether one is here for a business trip or a leisurely getaway in the south, here are some of the must visit places:

Marina Beach: The second largest beach in the world, with a length of over 13kilometres; this beach is a sight to behold. Tranquil seas, white sands and with the city right behind the beach, it is a place worth reckoning. One can find people from all walks of life in this beach and there is a lot one can do in and around the beach. Often one can see locals in their business attire sitting and staring at the horizon; the beach with its cool blue waters often has that calming effect on people. The sheer vastness of the ocean can be scary and the marina beach gives a small glimpse of the width of the waters.

Thalankuppan Pier: This is one of those places that just give one a sense of calm and peace. It is a place where the river meets the sea and the sunsets at this place are worth the view. If one needs just time alone or with a few friends, who want to just enjoy the view and soak in the peace in the area, this is the place to come to. It is also very popularly featured in various south Indian movies.

Pulicat Lake: The second largest lake in the country; there are more things to do here than one can imagine. This lake is situated on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is also a place where thousands of migratory birds come around each year. The surrounding region has been declared a wildlife sanctuary for that reason. When you feel like you just need an experience with flora and fauna this is the place to come to.
Chennai is a delightful place, filled with the most humble people; it is a place worth a visit. So, you should check for Delhi to Chennai flights schedule and book the next convenient flight immediately.         

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