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Learn More About The Top 5 Twenty-First Century Architects

Blogging is the style of writing an online diary per say. We would often hear people discussing the blog topics on the internet. By this, they mean that they upload their post in a rather informal manner and upload them on the internet so that they get to meet new visitors and make connections with them. Architectural blogs often contain the following tags which let other bloggers and readers follow the bloggers and stay updated with their blog posts now and then. There are some architectural blogging sites on the internet. You can always search the internet for the world’s best 100 blogs online.  

What is a blog? What can you do with it?

With blogs, a blogger can upload and post any kind of thing related to anything. The stronger the posts on the blogs are, the greater will be the number of visitors on the same. The various types of blogs can be of personal, formal, grouped blogs, media blogs, architectural blogs, and etcetera. The blogs can be of personal experiences, do it yourself tutorials, a solution providing blogs and even an informal question and answer forum.

Choose efficiently, choose smartly.

Blogging forums can either be made free of cost or made by spending some money and using special services like the SEO services to make someone’s blogging site rank up to the search engine’s search list. Here we shall discuss some well-known architects of the twenty-first century are mentioned here below.
  1. The Portuguese architect Alvaro Joaquim de Melo Siza Vieira apart from his endless studies was busy with designing a building in his time. He is the one to create the remarkable building on water which still stands a strong example of sheer engineering brilliance.
  2. Antoine Predock who is an architect in Albuquerque won his first nationally recognizable architectural design competition. Some of his best works include buildings made for bird enthusiasts called the turtle creek house, the tang teaching museum and also the ballpark at San Diego Padres.
  3. Born in 1957, Ben van Berkel with the help of his wife had established a guide architectural practice grounds for all the enthusiasts and named it as the Van Berkel and Bos architectuurbureau. 
  4. Bernard Tschumi, the creator of the new Acropolis museum and the Alesia museum, is the son of the well-known and famous architect Jean Tschumi. He won his first competition at the Parc de La Villette in 1983.
  5. Norman Foster who was a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright is a British architect who is behind the establishment of the Gerkin, a commercial establishment in London. 

Learn from different kinds of blogs on the internet

Blogs, in a way, teaches all the readers of how to avoid mishaps and learn from their mistakes. Blogs in a way, are good to keep yourself updated with the world. To learn more about all the architects, search for world’s best 100 blogs on the internet today.

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